How It Works

Introducing the Sheriff Training Systems Application

1. Download your personal online coaching profile to your smart phone.

2. Fill out your online questionaire and load your before pictures, front back and side.

3. Your coach will write an eating & training plan based on your fitness goals and lifestyle needs.

This will get loaded under your meal plan, and your training will get scheduled into your calendar based on your fitness needs.

4. Track and trace your progress as scheduled into your calendar, talk to your online coach via your real life messenger system over the STS application on your smartphone.

5. Your coach will remotely adjust your eating and training plans and monitor your progress no matter where you are based in the world.

Action SHots



1. Can I do a 12 week to 1 year body transformation without meeting my coach in person?

2. Can I lose weight, gain size in a respectable time frame?

3. Is this a reliable coaching tool and will I be a part of a team for motivation?

4. Can I receive online coaching if I am not based in Johannesburg / South Africa?

5. Is it custom made to my personal lifestyle and goals?


The answer is YES. Book your online body transformation today. 

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