Maps Maponyane

Public Figure, Entrepreneur and Creative Consultant

“Fitness and working out is extremely important for me to try and maintain order to cope with the pressures of my rigourous daily lifestyle.

I’m constantly on the go, always need to be alert, sharp, upbeat, thinking a thousand thoughts at a time to stay on top of everything. I can never afford to feel lethargic to keep performing at the level I need to, and staying fit, keeping my blood flowing, ensuring my body is entirely working towards an optimum level and my mind is uncluttered, by keeping a great flow of oxygen, ensures I don’t burn out.

Needless to say the aesthetic benefits are great in my line of work, the positive flow of endorphines keeps my stress at bay and my mind’s capabilities at their best.”


Stepping out of my comfort zone and actually doing something to make my dreams a reality was no doubt the best decision I could have made! 

I use to be very underweight and was self-conscious of my body and what I saw in the mirror. I would break myself down over the fact that I didn’t like what I saw. I had a dream of standing on a stage and having that “stage” physique but I never thought it possible until one day I realized that complaining about it was not going to make it change and so I decided to take the first time in the right direction. I started to train 4/5 times a week and eat a bit cleaner. 

To cut a long story short , I was honored to have won the 2016 USN Face Of Fitness Cover Model Search which opened copious amounts of doors for me and formed a great platform to grow from. My coach , Tarryn Zelow heard of me for the first time through the roots of being the Face Of Fitness and I was again extremely honored to become an ambassador for Essie Aesthetics. Ever since I have had Tarryn as my coach , I have not been more comfortable in my own skin and I have achieved so much more than I could have ever imagined. She has taken me to new heights and because of the faith she has in me , I’ve found faith in myself. I am in a place of pure happiness and contentment and I love the life I live. The first step towards change can be daunting and intimidating but there’s no other way to grow and progress. I’ve realized how important it is to make a change if you’re not happy about something or if you have dreams and goals you want to reach and achieve because no one else can do it for you. 

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